Tuesday, November 25, 2008

zam zam ala kazam !

not my latest pix

I'm new here.. my name is nadia but all that noe me call me baby.. actually i got lots of nick name haha.. i 9teen this year.. when we were child we always wish that we can grow faster to be adult but when we were grown up and being adult, we tend to wish how we can turn back time and never grow up.. now i just enjoy all my moment.. i love adventure and outgoing but sometime i just love be in my own space lepaking in my room.. love to social and knowing new friends.. "kawan biar seribu" ryte..? im bless with all my friend that i got.. u all noe who u are ryte.. i'm not an arrogant person and i dun like + dun need to have someone that arrogant as my friend.. if u just wanna show off wat u have o anything then i'm not the ryte person for u.. people that noe who i'm in person actually tend to say that i got "hot chili pepper" mouth.. so watch out.. but i'm not actually gonna attack u with no reason lar.. if u just get into my skin o nerve than u make the wrong move so be caution jer.. hyper talkative, once i talk nothing can stop me haha.. family is my backbone that keep me still alive, no matter how they treat me i still love them.. i got a hectic + crazy + havoc sibling and all that is came from my parent gem haha.. lucky to have wat i have been..