Saturday, December 13, 2008

fun night !

shhh..dun tell anyone i went out ya..let it be secret..
i have a blast going out with u all my friends..saya hebat sebab i have an awesome group of friends..actually our plan is to lepak at mamak talking2 chit chating and updating each other..jihan is flying to indon thats y we all meet..jihan, syazwan, ean and ekhwan is on the scene that nyte..syisha-ing..i become totally hyper when i'm around them..haha..
after lepaking we went back home, but the plan has change..i still dun want to go home early..then i, ean, syazwan go to kl..walk around beach club..kene kacau ngan mak nyah!! totally funny scene..haha..jumpe duit but i'm the one that pick it up..then walk around bb..and suddenly ean bum into a bagger and offer her a cigar..

then we lepak at pelita next to klcc and i meet with my sayang, afiq + adup and ijat..we eat and talk until the sun is rise above our head..haha..totally a blast coz we have so much laugh..
we should go out more often..ouh! one thing that i need to let the world noe, syazwan take off his pant at pavi..something get into his pants i think..haha..

totally a blast!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

my heart

'i'll do what ever it take to make you save again'
if some guy say this to me + he hensome as robert pattinson..
OMG i will totally falling way way deep in love with him..

'dying in the place with someone i love seem like the good way to go'
yess, it is the best way to go when dying in the arm of your love life..
to see his/her face one last time and one last smile before it's all end..

'i rather die than stay away from you'
i totally understand and hate this part because..
its really hard to stay away from someone you love for such a long time when you wish that he/she could be by your side every single minute in your life..

'you are my life now'
how happy, peaceful and totally bahagia giler batak arr when someone told me that i'm apart of his life..

OMG twilight movies is so freakin fuckin romantic over the top.. i watch twilight after my freakin totally heavy exam.. when its over i feel such a burden left my shoulder.. so free and i just wanna scream out loud!! actually i got another paper next week..
but it just only english paper, ouh what the heck.. i watch twilight with my BF (private chef of mine) and 2 of my friends + new friend.. dun be jealous yea, he cook totally marvelous and over the top! delicious! but one thing that make me sad when watching twilight that so so romantic movie is my freak BF totally FALL ASLEEP!! arghh..
how could he fall asleep ?? the punishment for fall asleep he have to watch Chinese movie with me.. i just pick up my birthday give from jusco for me..
so many awesome voucher and the best is i got a make over FOC from SHISEIDO.. free entry for GENTING.. can't wait to have fun.. he promise to take me there.. waiting.....

before i forget, Selamat Hari Raye to all the Muslim around the globe.. may Allah bless you all..
love my family, friends and my totally pelik weird bf.. love you..

the way his eye stairs that make me fall in love with him
i still love you dear, no doubt..

a give from jusco to me

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

zam zam ala kazam !

not my latest pix

I'm new here.. my name is nadia but all that noe me call me baby.. actually i got lots of nick name haha.. i 9teen this year.. when we were child we always wish that we can grow faster to be adult but when we were grown up and being adult, we tend to wish how we can turn back time and never grow up.. now i just enjoy all my moment.. i love adventure and outgoing but sometime i just love be in my own space lepaking in my room.. love to social and knowing new friends.. "kawan biar seribu" ryte..? im bless with all my friend that i got.. u all noe who u are ryte.. i'm not an arrogant person and i dun like + dun need to have someone that arrogant as my friend.. if u just wanna show off wat u have o anything then i'm not the ryte person for u.. people that noe who i'm in person actually tend to say that i got "hot chili pepper" mouth.. so watch out.. but i'm not actually gonna attack u with no reason lar.. if u just get into my skin o nerve than u make the wrong move so be caution jer.. hyper talkative, once i talk nothing can stop me haha.. family is my backbone that keep me still alive, no matter how they treat me i still love them.. i got a hectic + crazy + havoc sibling and all that is came from my parent gem haha.. lucky to have wat i have been..